Stress And Insomnia

The past few weeks we have talked about insomnia and what it is that may be keeping you from getting a good night’s sleep.

Today we are going to touch on mental-emotional stress.

And before we get into some real-life current stressors, you also need to know that mental-emotional stress can also cause the following; headaches, achy and tight muscles in the neck, upper back and lower back, anxiety, depression, anger, irritability, loss of appetite, digestive upset, eating disorders, fertility issues, bed-wetting in kids and even substance abuse.

Since December of 2020, a huge source of mental-emotional stress has been a difference of opinion about the jab.

This has strained and destroyed countless relationships; familial, personal, romantic, professional, business and too many friendships to even count.

What is an even greater source of mental-emotional stress currently is all those people who have been fired or will be fired from their job or career because they have chosen or choose to exercise their right to informed consent about an experimental medical procedure.

I have heard such gut-wrenching stories every single day since December of last year.
My purpose here today is three-fold;

First of all to make you aware of the most common signs and symptoms of mental-emotional stress. To increase your awareness.

Secondly, that you are not alone and there are many local support groups ( you can find them on social media) for children, parents and those who have been terminated or will soon be terminated from their job and/or career.

And finally, if you are struggling and cannot cope (or any of your kids) and you know you need some professional help, please reach out to me and I will provide you with a reputable referral right here in Burlington.

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