Minimizing Stress

“How To Effectively Manage
Daily Stress”

Minimizing Stress Burlington
Last time we learned about the benefits of minimizing your spinal misalignments and how they never really go away due to the ongoing effects of the 3 T’s; traumas, thoughts and toxins.

So, today I am going to bring this all together for you and explain to you how you can manage stress most effectively.

And it has been proven that stress is a major factor in all sickness and disease.

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Chemical stress comes from the toxins in your body and these are relatively straight forward to manage.

Eat a healthy diet. Avoid processed foods, refined foods, fatty foods, sugary foods and fast foods.

Also avoid other toxins such as drugs, alcohol, medication and tobacco.

Mental/emotional stress comes from your thoughts and what you are thinking about and dealing with whether in the workplace or at home.

And you may need to seek outside help for this so find someone you can trust to talk to at your workplace, your place of worship or seek professional counselling if you have to.

Especially if it involves the health and wellbeing of your children.

We can rarely solve these types of issues on our own.

Physical stress results from all your traumas.

Big ones, small ones and repetitive ones.

So make sure you are in good physical condition.

Get your regular exercise, minimize the amount of weight you are carrying around your waist and be absolutely sure to keep your spine in the best alignment possible.

This will ensure that you have good stamina and good strength and good endurance and good coordination which will make you less prone to injury and shorten recovery times if you are.

This is exactly why most professional and high-performance athletes get chiropractic care on a regular basis.

If it is good for them, why would it not be good for you as well?

And if you adhere to these easy to follow recommendations, it is guaranteed that your body will have the upper hand on stress instead of stress having the upper hand on your body.

I have witnessed this personally after being in practice for over 25 years.

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